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December 2019

— Thats awful


I have multiple colleagues working on migrating codebases from C to C++11 and C++03 to C++17, both migrations are very complex mostly due to the sheer amount of changes in the language to learn and due to people not using the <algorithm> library

— I have luck I'm alsone so I can easly use C++ 17 and migrate to C++ 20 when it comes out

— Derek please ask me in a group chat I'm in before pming me thnx

— What would you like?

— What happened?

— Nothing much. Just him saying hello and I get too many pms so I was just asking what he wanted here

— You must do it one by one element, this is not Fortran, so no, int an array at once is not possible

— C++11 is very easy to migrate to

— It depends from where and what level of idiomatic c++11 you expect, as well as the scale of the project

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— It is indeed very easy if you do not migrate from plain ANSI C a codebase of a dozen million lines of code

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— From C++ 98 and 03