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December 2019

— The game could run on potato PCs


But C# has garbage collection - which can be good. I just prefer C# because I never want to write something like this again:

— Oh my god what is this

— A small part of my current engines rendering code :(

— #ides

— Most useful IDEs

* CLion
* Qt Creator

* Visual Studio

* XCode

— I see a lot of refactoring to be done here if you ask me. I think you could make that code quite clearer

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— Yeah you are right. I only opened in notepad++ visual studio gets it done very well

— I meant as in using language features to rewrite it clearer, not as in cosmetic indentations

— Https://

— Just by the way is here anybody who is familiar with baked radiosity?

— Haha lol no that will kill optimization