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December 2019

— Hmm yeah thats true


Meaning that instead of targeting for example, x86_64, it will target Haswell x86_64 if the game runs on a Haswell CPU

— From tests runned by a colleague, C++/CLR offers about what you may want as a trade-off of the best of both worlds

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— But I dont know how big the difference would be for example csgo runs on my pc with around 400 fps and is written in c++ (uses slow dx9 tough) I would say in C# it would run around 350 fps all I care are the fps :)

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— And gpu calls are probably much slower because I need a wrapper like SharpDX

— Osu! is a game written in C# and could reach about 450fps on my potato-most computer and about 1050fps on a colleague's

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— This is why C++/CLR is useful. If you want to take the step through .NET it may be a good place to start

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— Hmm yeah - but osu is not 3d and does not have any graphic effects like volumetric lights or real time shadows for a 2d game I would immediately go with C#

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— Actually, Osu! uses only 3D render calls. However most of its rendering work is particules I have to concede on that

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— I mean, can't read in array?

— Https://

— By scanf?