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December 2019

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Hello, I'm finishing my app and I want to implement a function "Open With" like, for open a file with a special app... have someone a tutorial for me? my google researches are focused on windows but I use Linux... and I work with Qt but if you have some tips, libraries or other, I'm taker

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— What statement can i use to make a program that tell the number of digits of entered integer ? Help me guys

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— It is not one statement, it is a routine of several statements.

— U can use while loop and division on 10.

— Or u can use simple strlen(str), but u can't make mistakes when entering numbers and should typing only digit chars.

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— The simplest way to do this is to enter a number (integer for example) , then convert integer to a string and count its characters which are digits by definition.

If you wanna train yourself you can do binary-to-decimal transformation yourself.

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