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December 2019

— You were overwriting your data


In the while loop () you saved the contents to the array
then you saved another data to the same array (OVER WRITE)
then you incremented the counter

— OK thanks , I got it

— Okay. For the next time. don't break the rules and if you have to take a screenshot... don't do it with your phone...

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— I am new in CPP , and in fact I am from Afghanistan and we haven't good facilities

— Ideal way to use phone take the screen shot with the print screen button and then transfer that to the phone.

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— Anyone has hand written notes of C basics ?

— Dude go to C/C++ India group

— Https://

— I believe that this is the most beneficial act I've ever seen

— It's beneficial for both groups (I'm talking about people ofc)

— Which is why global varibles are used across multiple differnt functions