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December 2019

— Let me 🔎 Google that for you:
🔎 icpc


To participate in ICPC you have to find 2 other people that will be in your team
Then you need to pass qualification stage that happens in September (it's maybe optional — depends on the region, idk)
Then you go to 1/4 stage and if you good enough, you go to 1/2, then Finals
To prepare, use

— And it's offtopic enough, so the topic is closed

— If you want to continue, go to the #ot chat

— Https://

— The two following lines are the same?

int* ptr =
(int*) malloc(sizeof(int)*4);

int* ptr =
(int*) calloc(4, sizeof(int));

(except calloc set all the memory allocated to zero)


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— Yeah almost same

— Do you use C++?

— Hyy

— No c

— For c++ is new and delete rigth?

— You don't need (int*) then