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December 2019

— Turbo c is retarded crap


Basically the problem is this: our teacher doesn't want us to use an IDE for whatever reason so I set up vscode with msvc (vs build tools) so it behaves almost like an IDE (for debugging and compiling). the problem is that I need to run vscode somehow from vs developer command prompt, otherwise it doesn't find the compiler, linker and the rest of the programs used to build. is there a way to set environmental variables for the build tools on windows 10?

— Turbo-C: for the person who thought the turbo button made your CPU clock increase

— Tell him: “ok, boomer"

— Wait, what ?

— Mmh?

— I'm not understanding what "turbo" means

— Well, I know what it means but I don't understand what it has to do with C

— Lmao no

— Maybe its executables can only run at a clock of 4.77mhz

— Oh...?

— Purge complete.