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December 2019

β€” Why isn't gnome-shell memory leak fixed yet πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€
I can't do anything because of that


If you need a compiler error when you instantiate the template with a wrong type then static_cast is a way to solve it

β€” Haven't used that, but the constexpr example i made works too right?

β€” Can't try anything yet btw.. πŸ™„
It's been more than 2~3 months ._.

β€” Guys, is it okay here if I asked someone to do my friend's code we'll pay him.

β€” Try

β€” /warn Read the rules: no screen photo.

β€” User Burhan has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
Read the rules: no screen photo.

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β€” Hey I have a request (to all admins), I'd like to create a new C/C++ group, but mostly for Indians.

1. Most Indians (who are learning at least) use Turbo C/C++ or Borland C
2. Because they use things as mentioned in 1. they send screen photo (not even screenshots)

hence it makes whole group little deviated (to warns and bans)
and also those people don't get help.

They also don't speak good english (dunno why)

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β€” There can be more reasons, but you all know better than me

β€” I'm all fine if admins say no.

β€” They’ll come here anyways