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December 2019

— Or even more const's 😬

constexpr void Func()
"Func not defined"

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So I guess I'll implement a private function with a separate template parameter and use this, so that there is a block to write static_assert in it!
Hope the compiler to be happy with this
Thanks a lot! unterumarmung

— Hello guys

— Else is not obligatory, is it?

— Else the function should warn user that it doesn't exist

— Why isn't gnome-shell memory leak fixed yet 🤦🏻‍♀
I can't do anything because of that

— If you need a compiler error when you instantiate the template with a wrong type then static_cast is a way to solve it

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— Haven't used that, but the constexpr example i made works too right?

— Can't try anything yet btw.. 🙄
It's been more than 2~3 months ._.

— Guys, is it okay here if I asked someone to do my friend's code we'll pay him.

— Try

— /warn Read the rules: no screen photo.