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December 2019

— Y++ tho?


You 'd better install Linux , C|C++ coding is easier there as all libs are packaged and you can use them. Use progressive distrs, Something like Ubuntu .

For IDE, use QtCreator or don't use an IDE at all for the start.

— How is Ubuntu "progressive"

— It is based on unstable Debian, so the C|C++ compilers are not so outdated

— Even unstable debian is pretty old. And then there's a whole load of bloat and possibility for massive breakage on updates. I'd go with some arch derivative. Or just arch. You know, diving off the deep end.

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— That's #OT

— I agree but I will not recommend other distrs for a beginner

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— User 😎 has no warnings!

— Hi

— Am I currently joined the group?

— Yes