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December 2019

— Quite strange...
I don't expect floating point problems on changing "<" to "<="

Further.. I tried to debug the program and created a breakpoint at the entry of that function. the program reaches the breakpoint, stops momentarily and dies without any error.

I think, multithreading might be creating problem, but... can't find something reasonable.

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Can anyone compile it on any other environment and give me a executable ?

I doubt mingw compilers now !!

— That's cpu specific

— You're saying if compiled on one windows machine, it won't work on other ????

— Lol why do you use C while writing in C++

— It depends on what architecture the cpu is

— Your code is a mess
Some functions don't fit to my 6' screen

— Don't use make.
CMake !

— Ill look into it

— The issue with the makefile was fixed btw, just got rid of redundancy and compiled with debug flag for everything

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— User Invincible has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
ASSIGMENT, photo of ASSIGMENT, rude behaviour

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— Sha256sum( date in seconds since epoch + nanoseconds * current cpu speed )