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December 2019

— Probably you have floating point arithmetics miracles there, like falling into NaN or infinity.

You'll need to check.

Why do you use volatile-s their, btw ?

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This flag is only defining the type of debug info to generate.
The instruction to generate it is -g, it must be stated separately.
And on the link phase you can still remove the debug info by mentioning -s flag, despite the fact it has been generated earlier.
So check all this and you'll be fine

— Oh after looking on stackoverflow i thought -ggdb was the same as -g, just more specific to gdb

— Just s[i] ..

— Lol

— Check -s.

— Im using make, and someone is helping me correct it. going to try that first and get back to ya

— Quite strange...
I don't expect floating point problems on changing "<" to "<="

Further.. I tried to debug the program and created a breakpoint at the entry of that function. the program reaches the breakpoint, stops momentarily and dies without any error.

I think, multithreading might be creating problem, but... can't find something reasonable.

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— Can anyone compile it on any other environment and give me a executable ?

I doubt mingw compilers now !!

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— That's cpu specific

— You're saying if compiled on one windows machine, it won't work on other ????

— Lol why do you use C while writing in C++