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December 2019

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alignas(std::hardware_destructive_interference_size) static thread_local inline constexpr volatile const unsigned long long int* const a{};

— Heya :) PM me if you have any questions on how to use me!

— Hi

— How declare tree in c

— Advertising function tree

— Hello everyone. I have two questions. 1. Does anyone know telegram chats about embedded programming? 2. Can someone say something good or bad about book "Reusable Firmware Development"?

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— Since you have a Russian name, I can suggest you to look for chats you need here: it_chats — this is a collection of chats about programming, mostly Russian speaking

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— I found a piece of code assigning reference to its own. What are the reasons behind?

auto &val = map[key];
val.first = xxx;
map[key] = val;

Why don't we do it in this way:
map[key].first = xxx;

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— Well, maybe an author of this wanted to do unnecessary copy

— I don't see any other reason

— Your suggestion is correct and should work