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December 2019

— Try rapidjson


Sorry, your code is not really high quality..
Try reading:
* Modern effective C++ by Meyers
* Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert Martin
* Code complete by Steve McConnell

Try watching:

And other

— Where is the code?

— In the admins chat, I can send you in PM

— Noted.Thanks. However, I mainly focused on translating my thoughts to code and I tried to be as expressive as I could. I can assure you that they are asymptotically optized :). I will definitely work on your suggestion.

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— I will definitely need your positive criticizm, guys. Thank you all for looking into it.

— Agreed

— Be efficient is not an only code point
Code must be readable and follow good practices
You, in other hand, write in C++ as if it is C
But C++ is the different language, it has more advanced idioms and feature that makes code more expressive, clean and readable

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— You also have a ton of memory leaks

— I will defintely work on everything pointed here. That's why I am here. Can you guys comment on how understandable is that?

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— Hey

— Hi?