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December 2019

— I think it is debatable. Some of the articles I have read includes the root level while calculating the height, while the others don't like in the wikipedia.

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If you have no depth that means it's not a linked list... so link list starts when you have a depth...
That means this is 2 levels deep not 3.

— I believe you mean a binary tree and not linked list.

— Screenshot (02-Dec-2019 2:51:31 PM)

— However, the root isn't considered as the depth/height is the path from the root to the deeper leaf (or the longest path of the paths from the root to every leaf). It's not about the nodes

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— Yep

— Hi mat, I think tutorial is not wrong, it is most likely the different definitions people choose. In my curriculum, It was the about the nodes and not the links. So, I dont think they are wrong :) Maybe slightly different.

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— Looks like factorial function

— Didn't get you.

— /get learn

— How to work with json file using C++?

— Try rapidjson