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December 2019

— Recently I read an news article, which says that GNU C compiler have strictly stopped allowing array creation using variables ( int a=10; int arr[a] ;)
I know its not a proper approach as while declaring array , [ must_have_constant] .

My question is after rolling this new update in compiler, does existing system /OS codes got affected?

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I don't think that GNU compiler could do it, because variable-length arrays are legal in C by its specification
It's not legal in C++ though

— Can you please give a link to the article?

— Cool beans. I'll probably just lurk here for a bit; C is kind of intimidating for a first language.

— Someone know how to assign variable to shell command in c language
something like:
command = system("ls");
printf("%s\n", commamd);

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— I don't have much experience with that stuff. But have you considered trying to redirect it to a stdout pointing to bash? Just an idea

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— I am intimidated by Javascript and it new framework everyday, lol

— /Rose

— Heya :) PM me if you have any questions on how to use me!

— Wasn't that const int?

— Write a program that allows a user to input 2 integers and using a function named MAX find the largest of 2 integers

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— Yes sar!