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December 2019

— Anyone can tell me How to become self taught programmer ?? (In India)


Just how I see it
1. Choose a language (don't think too much here, you need it just to learn the basics)
2. Find a book about learning this language for total beginners (google suggestions in the internet)
3. Try to learn it by the book, but for every thing you learn try to code something fun
4. If you encounter a problem, google it
5. If you googled enough but didn't find the solution then try to find help on forums or chats (like you can ask here about C/C++)

Getting here will take several months. Don't expect to learn it instantly.

6. When you learn the basics: basic types, functions, loops, pointers (if there are in the language) try to google about OOP and software design. Don't stop here for a long time, you'll need to learn and practice it further).
7. Choose a language you're going to learn for the next years (you can return here at any time, so don't stop here for a long time also, just choose something you feel you like).
8. Find a good book about this language, while reading it, try to write some real application (choose something as simple as possible, something that you believe you can write in two weeks).

At this point you'll probably will know what you're going to do next.

— Admins, are questions about Travis/Continuos Integration allowed? It's not entirely related to C++, but kind of

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— Perhaps

— Does anyone know how to activate a github repository on I've tried it on and can't activate them, so moved to .com, but still no luck...

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— Https://

— ?

— ?

— Why dont you link nlohmann's json lib?

— Hi, i clicked on the button to prove that i’m a human and nothing happened

— It did

— Now you can write