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November 2019

— ;)


If I had a bunch of algorithms, and I had a program that tests their execution time on a certain set of arrays, how big should I make the array to show noticable differences?

— Or how many times should I run it, is there a logical answer or is it just experiemental?

— Sorting algorithms

— Also I should do specific types of arrays, correct? like in order, in reverse, random, etc

— Hello guys.
I try compile btc project under UBUNTU.
And I have next error message when I try configure project:

configure: error: protobuf not found

I installed protobuf and I don`t know why this message is shows again (sorry for bad english).

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— Help me please to fix configure error with protobuf.

— Hello

— Morning 🌄 all

— Purge complete.

— Anyone with tony gaddis c++ manual book????

— Please i need help...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻