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November 2019

— You good mate just carry on at your own pace if there isn't a time Constraint


I needed to learn enough C to answer a question in this test i am taking but at this point i think i know enough to do that , so now i just learning because i want to build something with it at a later date

— But you are scanning for string type to get the user choice right?

— That's nice

— Scanning for int

— /report

— Reported jass to admins.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

— No you havent

— If you see choose() nested in the loop returns a values that is passed in the first switch , depending on the value passed in that switch it ask one of two question , and the i set a variable to the scanf so i can tell if it accepting the right type of input

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— Oh I havent?

— K11M1 maybe a light warning

— For what?