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November 2019

β€” You can understand some things only after a while
You will be relearning the stuff you think you got
Not rushing is good, but staying at one point for long time is not good either

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So do you think i should stop this project and just finish the book, someone told me i need to be uploading stuff on github, so i figured i try to make this as good asa possible and put it up on githbub

β€” Finish this damn project alreadyπŸ˜‚

β€” I think it is too slow
Sometimes it is better to get more information and then filter that out, than trying to learn every possible word in a book

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β€” I used loops to fix the other issues , this is actually a different issue , it works if users type in the correct input but lets say they put in a character and its scanning for an int i want to place an error message and ask the questions again

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β€” I thought learning was best via projects, i learnt alot doing this crappy project that was not in the book either from google, stackoverflow , or the great people of the chat

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β€” Even trolls tossed a bone here and there

β€” You good mate just carry on at your own pace if there isn't a time Constraint

β€” I needed to learn enough C to answer a question in this test i am taking but at this point i think i know enough to do that , so now i just learning because i want to build something with it at a later date

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β€” But you are scanning for string type to get the user choice right?

β€” That's nice

β€” Scanning for int