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November 2019

— Pointer


It calls that function and stores what that function returns which is an enumeration symbol i created , either aSTRING or INTEGAR

— Based on those options, it will print one of two statements

— Then it scanf for a variable called ArrayMemberTotal , if you put in an int like 2 , 4 , or something like that it works fine

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— But lets say there is an error on the user end, i want it to print a timed error message(i have a function that does that ) then re ask the qestions until and scan again

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— I tryed goto and it doesnt do what i am trying to do

— Goto statement is only useful and must only be used for cleanup and not for retry

— So in this case what would be a good way to deal with this issue

— The program otherwise works , but if there is an error on the user end , like entering an Letter instead of an number, it doesnt work

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— Maybe 12 hours drive for me lol

— Alright I got your program flow. What I need to understand now is that what error are you talking about? Are you talking about the error when a user enters some arbitrary character other than INTEGER or aSTRING?

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— Why?