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November 2019

— I disagree because var is the pointer to type. e.g. whats the typeof y here?
char* x, y;


Its just a char! I think that the * after the type makes it clear that it is a pointer to char - but it is my personal opinion

— User gfhu has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:

— Just wanted to point out, it might be confusing since the pointer belongs rather to the variable than to the type, e.g. char *x, y; would make it ore clear that x is a pointer and y is not

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— Can you suggest some tutorial or books for x64 Asm?

— Please

— Yeah what you say actually makes more sence then what I said. Maybe I should change my codestyle from byte* i to byte *i

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— I´m sorry I dont have any books about x64 assembly. Ive learned it throught Youtube, Pratice and Articles. There arent too many books about x64 asm out there but I can really recommend this Youtube series for starting:

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— Thank you so much

— Haha your welcome! I think hes explaining it well and clear - nice for beginners!

— Hmmm

— This is a hanoi tower program, i want to use while(1) to run next turn ,how to use realloc in this program ?

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