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November 2019

— Its too late - you already showed being too lazy to even google. :P


It's a simple thing I have to make discussion for which language is best..But ur fool mind should only goes to Google .. I think u r not having the mind ...

— "Which language is best" has no answer. Its far, far from a simple thing.

— If i am lazy why I created a poll ..For creating a poll takes time than searching a Google ...understand to speak first ...Many fools are here in this group..

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— Because it takes more time to read, and understand.

— Inb4ban

— And you took so little time to research that you listed basically three random languages.

— "Best language" comes down to:

time constraints
performance constraints
monetary constraints
useable frameworks that may line up with what you want to do
etc etc etc.

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— 🤫🤫

— A language is never "the best"
It comes down to "how much do you know in it, how fast must the project be ready, how much someone is willing to spend on it, and what must it deliver".

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— Trust me, you're not making it better by trying to offload it. You've been lazy in researching. :P

— Before u say me lazy u r having lazy and argue to waste my time