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November 2019

— None of the above. lol


And its not pure speed that matters. You also have to take into account:
how fast you can develop.
Is it sufficiently fast for your needs (users/requests per second/scalable)


— You can make the slowest experimental language program ever, and it could still be enough if its a single user accessing research data to put into something and patient enough to wait for 5 minutes.

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— That obviously won't work for google and co of course.

— You go to Google it ..if u r not interested kindly shut up your mouth

— Why would i? If you show zero effort to research and want to offload it lazily onto others then good luck with programming.

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— 😂😂

— Https://

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— First learn your self and after that you have to say others..🥴🥴

— As you can clearly see above i referenced enough material to show you i know. :P

— Its too late - you already showed being too lazy to even google. :P

— It's a simple thing I have to make discussion for which language is best..But ur fool mind should only goes to Google .. I think u r not having the mind ...

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