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November 2019

— I have completed already in my way boy


Also his answer isnt complete, as the initial answer wants it for ANY occurence, not just a single item.

— "boy" lol. A bit more respect may be in order.

— It's actually correctly giving the output ...But timecomplexity is high.O(n^2)

— That... i dont think that comes even close.

— It's in Worst case

— Its not remotely constant space, as you spawn a new search for each element across the entire array (stack usage is also counted, so are array elements). Nor is it O(n) nor an approximation. :P

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— Https://

— 👍👍👍

— Whats is your openion for this correct or incorrect? Tell AmAn

— What do you mean?


Which language is executed faster and also which one is better ???
Anonymous poll
- Java
- Python
- C
- Checking for the poll
26 votes

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