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November 2019

— You actually waste time rushing from my experience


I am taking my time and trying to understand concepts bit by bit and use new things I learn over and over , over the period of time

— Learning to code is like a lifetime process

— There is like so much to learn

— You made this ? Cool

— Is there any difference using ctypes python than C / C++ native?

— Technically a month is enough time to prepare for an exam, I would say the exam I preparing for one month of C is good enough , test usually don’t go that deep , at least the one I am taking

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— But everyone has an opinion

— But if he want to get good enough to be professional , I would say maybe one year , he can decent enough for employment , about have that time for something like web dev , front end

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— But one month to get a job in C ...sounds like a nice dream

— Https://

— No, it is not
Even the C++ creator doesn't know C++ completely