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November 2019

— That's why your statements are so confusing


Try to plan what your program will do and what it will look like before you write the first line of code

— Yea that is the issue , i didnt even know what i was writing until i wrote it and it evolved along the way , had to refactor it like 3 times because of this, but now it works but if the user types in an input that is not intended it behaves weird

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— This was more of a test to see if i can used what i learnt up until this part , but i havent learnt about data flow , architecture yet

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— So if i ask for an int input and they put a character it does some weird ish

— But working on a solution as we speak

— If you can offer a solution i am not seeing please let me know

— I don't know what your program is meant to do. You should first write down a simple flow of information (what goes in, how it is changed and what goes out), then identify the different steps that your program has to take, define what individual actions are needed and then which classes/modules can accomplish those actions and how they interact to each other.
Then you can start coding.

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— I am a new in this field want to learn programming

Have less time I want to learn c , c++ within a month

Can you please help me out with the proper study material

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— Proper study material?

— We usually just say people to use google....

— Need special study material