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November 2019

— Thats the main document


So create array function calls choose array member amount function , which calls the initial Questions function

— Each function collecting some data from user and passing it the next

— The “function X” in this case would be not_an_option or not_an_number functions . these functions are called as a default option for a switch case if the user enters an input that is not one of the cases

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— They basically just display an error message that is times and ends and goes back to the question they made the wrong input to

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— I can also send the entire program if you need to compile it to get a better picture

— So i think i understand better what question i trying to ask , i trying to understand the behavior , like why does it a function that is lexically within the “parent” function if you havent even completed steps in the “child” function that iis currently taking user input

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— Ensure that user either entered valid data or wants to quit. In your case check if all scanf calls are checked for zero return

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— Rewrite this message using function names from your code

— Ok

— Create_Array -> choose_Array_Member_Amount -> Initial_Questions

— That is the follow of how they are called