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November 2019

— Scanf is just another function in chain


So lets say there is function A,B,C and a another function X, that may be used in function B only under certain conditions, if i type in the wrong data type( in testing phase ) in function C it does some really weird behavior by calling function X that was never called in that function C , so i am assuming since that function C was called by function B and that other function B does also call the function X that is called when the weird behavior happens

— das_3sz3tt

— Confused myself just typing that lol

— Https://

— This one document of an larger overall project i am working on

— I should also mention i used typedef function pointers to pass as parameters in the functions in questions

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int main(int argc, char const *argv[]){


return 0;

— Thats the main document

— So create array function calls choose array member amount function , which calls the initial Questions function

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— Each function collecting some data from user and passing it the next

— The “function X” in this case would be not_an_option or not_an_number functions . these functions are called as a default option for a switch case if the user enters an input that is not one of the cases

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