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November 2019

— Wait... why do you write a custom compare functor shouldnt that work:

qsort(array, array_len, sizeof *array, strcmp);

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And I need the opinion of your folks: I´m currently working on my own "programming language" which is basically a language which my compiler then converts to c++, which then is compiled into an executable using clang. Is it still legit to call it a programming language - because it runs on C++?

— Nope, since the signatures are different

— So I can call it a own language?

— That answer was to you asking why you couldn't pass strcmp to qsort directly

— I wondered 😂

— But yeah, it still counts as a programming language, it doesn't matter what your compiler targets or that it doesn't compile to an executable directly

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— Nice, its also not too similar to c++ more like a mixture of c++, c# and python 😊

— User Rakesh has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
no google play what Indian me tired

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— The qsort takes a function pointer as a parameter

— I see I thought you can do this directly

— It’s a lot like functional programming in JavaScript