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November 2019

— Many people tell me its a waste of time to learn C but i think i been gaining alot from it


It will make me a stronger developer i believe in the long run , even if i am using higher level languages in a profession setting

— It will - trust me

— One last question , in that else statement , how can i ask the question again or go back to the point in the code where the question was asked, i tried goto but it is shit

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— Such an ugly code

— Hey i said it works , didnt say it was pretty lol

— Your code style is a mess, tbh

— I just started not to long again , give me a break

— Use camelCase, PascalCase or snake_case
Not this..

— And why are you using void pointers instead of chars strncmp is only working with chars!

— And are you using C++ or C?

— He uses C