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November 2019

ā€” Wow, ok. Maybe you know the best way to start? I mean math -> computer graphics -> etc


You need some understanding of 3d math like transformations, vectors and the graphics stuff but its not too much i use a math lib too

ā€” Graphics are a good start but you should start with the game engine architecture book - an engine has many subsystems, asset management, a dynamic scenery hierarch system etc. youll learn that all in that book

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ā€” But have you every used an engine like unity or unreal? If not you should first develop some games in existing engines and learn how they work šŸ˜

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ā€” Lets say you have something like

int somenum;

ā€” And you do

scanf(ā€œ%iā€, &somenum)

ā€” And the user enters a character

ā€” How do test if what they enter is the proper data type,

ā€” Yeah, i have some experience. But i'm not really interesting in unity and i prefer cocos2dx for my projects. My main problem is weak architecture of programs and i'm sure that through game engine development that's much better to understand almost everything about game development process.

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ā€” You are going to understand everything and sure its fun- but also remember that it can take years to learn all the stuff and you need a very solid understanding of C++. Sure you could also an other language (ive written my first engine in C#) but in c++ you have much more libraries and example code for game engines plus you have the full memory control and can do fancy & fast things like sse/avx. Do you want to make a 3d or 2d game engine?

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ā€” I'm interesting in 3d graphics but my current knowledge are very limited and i have merely experience with 2d. I think that really the best way is to start from game engine book.

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ā€” Afaik scanf returns the number of successfully parsed and assigned inputs - for example if you want to read one int you could check if scanf return something which is NOT one- then you know something went wrong

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