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November 2019

— No


Then I wish you good luck its pure fun to code an engine but also not too easy - Im a engine programmer if you have questions feel free to contact me :)

— Even his moderations in his group doesnt like the code

— What is an alternative you suggest ?

— None

— Lol

— I think his channel is good too

— What level of math did you need ?

— I found some of his explanations useful

— Wow, ok. Maybe you know the best way to start? I mean math -> computer graphics -> etc

— You need some understanding of 3d math like transformations, vectors and the graphics stuff but its not too much i use a math lib too

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— Graphics are a good start but you should start with the game engine architecture book - an engine has many subsystems, asset management, a dynamic scenery hierarch system etc. youll learn that all in that book

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