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November 2019

— Qsort


int alphabetical_Order(const void *a, const void *b){
char ** first_String = (char **)a;
char ** Second_String = (char **)b;
return strcmp(*first_String,*Second_String);

int alphabetical_Order_descending(const void *a, const void *b){
return alphabetical_Order(b,a);

— 1) sorting a linked list is a strange thing. Should not do
2) Your comparison is senseless

— These would be a comparator functions you can use roman_alberda_son

— Ok thanks)

— Perhaps, but this is the task of my laboratory

— Https://

— If you don't care about doing this in-place or about memory then copy the linked list to an array, sort the array, then copy back

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— As this is an assignment, I think he must implement sorting himself

— O i see ,

— Who knows great books for computer graphics?

— I try recursion in the default case in the switch that seem to handle the issue and i removed all the goto trash i had in there

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