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November 2019

— Programming your own neural network is such a pain that nobody should go through (unless you really want to do it, and just for fun)

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But you need quite some knowledge (numerical analysis, statistics, machine learning, parallelism in GPUs, solid language knowledge, etc...)

— Thank you guys. really appreciate the help

— Can someone share a good c++ pdf for beginners

— Read the rules

— Sry

— Programming is gonna be my way out of hell

— 😂


int ArrayMemberTotal;
top :
StringorInt choice = Choose();

while(choice == 'S' || choice == 'I' ){
goto Here;

while(choice != 'S' || choice != 'I' ){
goto top;

Here :

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— Goto...

— Can i do something like this , choice is an enumeration with the alias StringorInt, that the choose function returns , and stores to choice

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— Yea i know lol