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November 2019

— Interesting, but how do you actually get like the time you received something


In finance it often happens they use network hardware that stamps packets with times synchronized with an atomic clock using PTP with a sub nanosecond accuracy

— Because you have to be able to say: "this man was first on the deal"

— And to be able to prove it

— Simultaneity must be, like in nature, an impossibility

— To quote Joe Armstrong (may he rest in peace): "I am a physicist at heart, as such I must write computer systems that respect the laws of physics"

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— Who do i remove the "\n" that fgets add when input a string(array of char's)

— Is anybody know how to move my cursor into Line7 automatically after creating a demo.c file in Clion?

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— $END doesn't work.

— working with db connection in c -> google

— Hello

— Welcome