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November 2019

— It may be hard to realize, but the time light takes to go 1km is enough to complete a trading transaction in a financial quotation engine

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Just by having a 2m DVI cable makes it impossible for your computer to display nanosecond accurate time

— It will always be off by at least 6ns, the time needed to go through that cable

— I cannot uphold any time constraints in my database engine except the following: time goes forward

— Most display panels are 60hz
so youre off (in the worst case) by 1/60s

— I meant even in the case you had a mathematically perfect object as a screen

— True, but tbh, why would you want such "perfection"

— A human being couldnt tell any accurate time below 100ms

— What i mean to express is that computer science is one of the very few fields where you literally have to deal with relativistic effects, as such, never under estimate time

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— Youre right, but at some pont you start overengineering things

— Most of the time you work with some kind of analogy
for example you want to measure some kind of distance between some things, where on earth would you need ultra perfect precision to idk the 50st digit

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— At some point you may have to say which, of two transactions that came at about the same nanosecond, happened first and who will be able to buy something when it is cheap leaving the other in the dirt

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