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November 2019

— Oh okay,
tbh, we should just come up with a better solution to get time into a number


For a database, the only important thing about time is that
1/ simultaneity doesn't exist
2/ time is steady

— TAI and GPS time kinda solve that

— But you cannot rely a lot on time unless you own an atomic clock or a gps clock and networking hardware capable of a PTP synchronization

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— The perfect solution to everything, binary time, "will it happen?" or "did it happen?"

— It may be hard to realize, but the time light takes to go 1km is enough to complete a trading transaction in a financial quotation engine

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— Just by having a 2m DVI cable makes it impossible for your computer to display nanosecond accurate time

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— It will always be off by at least 6ns, the time needed to go through that cable

— I cannot uphold any time constraints in my database engine except the following: time goes forward

— Most display panels are 60hz
so youre off (in the worst case) by 1/60s

— I meant even in the case you had a mathematically perfect object as a screen

— True, but tbh, why would you want such "perfection"