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November 2019

— Simple, use the least amount of objects and of inheritance as you can; the least amount of Go4 design patterns as you can, and only ever yse any OO feature when it is absolutely without a doubt something that makes the code simple, shorter, or easier to understand

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I also take a very long amount of time thinking about what I am doing. This means that, in the project I have been designing lately, I have spent 95% of the time on the project thinking and designing, specifying aspects of the project, and 5% of my time actually writing code

— The code that is the simpler and easier to debug is the code that you do not write

— This is by far the finest approach. Do you maintain a document for the design before coding?

— Lol

— /report

— Reported .... to admins.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

— Fixed

— That was quick, youre either nocturnal or just live in a diff timezone than me :p

— Other than boost... do you guys suggest some other better tool to translate from date object to string and vice versa?

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— Yes, a document that contain, cascading, the details of the needs, followed by a functional specification, followed by a technical specification, each containing potentially the mathematical demonstration of the algorithms used

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— Ah alright. That's for complex problems. I will be following this approach next time