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November 2019

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— Char* fgets( char* str, int count, std::FILE* stream );

Reads at most count - 1 characters from the given file stream and stores them in the character array pointed to by str. Parsing stops if a newline character is found, in which case str will contain that newline character, or if end-of-file occurs. If bytes are read and no errors occur, writes a null character at the position immediately after the last character written to str.

The behavior is undefined if count is less than 1. It is also not specified whether a null character is written if count==1.

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— 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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— Hey guys, i know that this question isn't really c++ specified but more likely wide-range, but still, how do you do your object designs?

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— I code complicated apps, games in opengl, backend apps and stuff, i don't have the issue to just lock at some specific problem and find solution for it, even if it takes hours of research, but what always melts my brain is object design, i can make it as good as possible, but going to bed thinking about programming i can always think of bit better design

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— Do you use any apps like enterprise architect? did you learn any specific patterns like decorator / strategy / observer etc...? how do you approach your perfectly structured designs in your apps?

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— Simple, use the least amount of objects and of inheritance as you can; the least amount of Go4 design patterns as you can, and only ever yse any OO feature when it is absolutely without a doubt something that makes the code simple, shorter, or easier to understand

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— I also take a very long amount of time thinking about what I am doing. This means that, in the project I have been designing lately, I have spent 95% of the time on the project thinking and designing, specifying aspects of the project, and 5% of my time actually writing code

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— The code that is the simpler and easier to debug is the code that you do not write