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November 2019

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The latest warn was because:
read the rules, no screen photo.


It is not.
But in general this is a very good practice.
Do you really need an include guard or not -- this depends on your code.

— Okay,i see

— This is a good example where arrays are good to use.

— I'd say loops, but this doesn't need an array I think

— Actually the Net is a big junkyard full of any shit you can imagine, so if I google it, I can find anything, proof that C is faster then C++, proof that C++ is faster then C, proof that Americans didn't travel to the Moon, proof that Lenin was a mushroom -- anything.

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— Learn with basic programmes bro

— Array AND loop

— Atlast you the answer

— I will to try

— Tho american never travelled to moon is real

— No this is not me... this is echo from past.