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October 2018

— Ask away


Ok thanks :) I was wondering, if I have a web server that writes in a txt file (sort of) and and checks if the content with an if statement... i was wondering, apart from the xss problem on the front end, what kind of problems can I expect in the backend?

— If anybody can raccomend something on the subject, i'll be happy 😀

— Uhhh, what's the webserver doing with the text file?

— Is it displaying it?

— Yes on a webpage

— I want to know why many developers use it in front end or nodejs?

— Because they work at webstudios, making money profit, imo

— Input frontend --> script backend --> text file -- > script backend --> display on frontend

— Apart from xss problems on the final page

— Is type checking worth it ? or it is some thing else ?

— Can i expect problems also on the server side?