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November 2019

— This is completely false, from all the tests I could perform, C and C++ performance are comparable, and are all the more comparable in the freestanding implementation of both of them (meaning that compared to the hosted implementation, it has a lower (inexistant) variance of performance)

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Sorry for my question, I want to open a file and write on with C++, but the file is in a folder protected by password, any ideas?

— Well, I guess you should run the software that protected that folder in the first place. Otherwise, I don't think there's a way to do it

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— One question

— Try googling

— If i have on a derived class a pointer should i create

— Destructor where i delete the pointer

— Assign pointer to null

— Your question seems unclear to me

— So i have a main class and a subclass , in each class i have 2 sifferent pointers , i create a destructor for main class , should i create a destructor for subclass ?

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— Where i delete the pointer from derived?

— Guys plz help me. I don't understand why my program crashes