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November 2019

— Hometasks must be done individually, they are for this.


One more question: can i access base-class-only member functions using base class pointer that's pointing to a derived class object?

— Its fine

— What is "base-class-only member functions" ?

In general, yes, you can, but the answer can change based on your detalisation.

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— Base-class-only member functions are declared in the base class and are not overridden by derived class member functions. answer?

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— Yes you can.

— This is not base-class-only methods, because any child can use them.

— Yeah yeah my apologies)

— This is Liskov principle, one of main rules in OOP, any object of class that is derived from a base class, can be used as (substituted in place of) a parent class object.

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— Ah i see. thank you bro


— Hi is just saying hello....