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November 2019

— They won’t teach you anything new


They do. It's just that some of them are so accomodate that they make no effort at all, as long as they get their paycheck

— Tbh, Im not learning from him.. google and youtube are better

— Whats your problem?

— Remember that 0! = 1 by definition

— I would initialize the first term of the partial sum and then calculate the rest

— Isnt that the first term already in the output?

— Im getting 0 as the output.

— If only 1 function called a function once is ok.but what is i have 2 different function but calling same is hard to manage it

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— I've just found out that your code has undefined behaviour. Initialize output to 1;

— I'll give you a solution. It's the fully generalized version for C++20 (I did it for fun), so it may not fit your purpose:

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— Hello