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November 2019

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How to get the 3 terms after I put a number.

For example,

Intervals: 2 and 20

Prime numbers: 3, 5, 7

— You meant 2 and 10, don't you?

— No. If I put any intervals it would just output the next 3 terms of the lowest interval

— Even if I put 2 and 50, it would just print "3, 5, 7"

— Then why do you need the upper bound?

— Just to make the user enter any numbers they want as an interval, but only pritns 3 terms

— Hi, can anyone help me? I’m having a hard time running my code.

— Sure just send your problem

— It doesn't make any sense

— I dont know with my professor. He wants us to do it that way.

— Then your professor doesn't know what he's asking