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November 2019

— Haha, that's an interesting idea 😂


Frankly I wont use windows but laptop works way better on it, coz proper drivers, better battery and sound output which matters a lot to me

— With wsl2, I don't miss Linux much

— I feel like I'm the only one using Windows 😬

— Except for bspwm

— Does anybody know TempleOS?

— Not really. In fact, most developers use MSVC

— But there are so many haters on Windows or Microsoft I think compared to for example Apple they did well the last years. At least they do some open source like the C# roslyn compiler or dot net

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— Most computing engineers hate Windows because it doesn't give you as much freedom as Linux does. The terminal (shell) is such a powerful tool that every developer prefers to use it

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— Microsoft will either open-source MSVC or close it and work on clang

— They already use tests from clang afaik

— Feels like I know it