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November 2019

— The C++20 standard is planned to be launched right after the next meeting, which takes place in 2020 (I think in march). After that, it's a question of time for the compilers to implement it. In MSVC there's already a big portion of C++20 implemented, but also in clang and gcc

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Just turn on the flag -std=c++2a in gcc and clang or /std:c++latest in MSVC and the you can use C++20 (what's been implemented so far)

— I know but there are still missing many things :/

— Is there any time difference functions for C lang?

— Actually i want to find the difference of two times which are in string... And i dont want to use time.h time_t as i need to map the date also

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— A little

— C++ is an extended version of C Only

— But there are some advancements

— Because it is bottom up approach

— There's missing things even from C++17 in gcc and clang, so be patient

— The only compiler supporting full C++17 (including the STL) is MSVC. gcc an clang are still missing little bits

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— Which means that you shouldn't expect any compiler to support full C++20 until, at least, 2022 (being optimostic)

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