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November 2019

— Jesus... hopefully it's possible to disable it


There is really no need for reflection - iv'e written dynamic modern game engine gameplay systems without reflection - reflections is a nice tool but not needed in c++

— Not... oups

— I mean who is writing a business application or a simple app in c++ there are more suitable languanes like C# or python

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— I did my own kinda reflection stuff to simplify my game engine UI editor

— Simply some hashmap with property names and callbacks

— Ur also a game engine programmer?

— Yeah thats a nice way Ive written a simple python script which then generates the data files for me - its really easy no need buildin reflection

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— And typeid is still there to our rescue ;)

— I have -fno-rtti ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Haha ;))

— No longer UB in C++17