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November 2019

— Of course


In C++20 there's a constexpr std::string
But if you want to store just a string literal, constexpr std::string_view will be applicable (since C++17)

— Alright thank you! I'm so hyped on c++ 20 especially on concepts and modules!

— Anyone knows everything

— Modules suck...

— I disagree

— Me too I think they a nice modern way to replace the header system and they will also clean up the post processor hell. Why do you think they suck?

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— Bringing all that hipster stuff from higher level languages, eh?

— I wonder if at one moment cxx will turn to unsafe c# code

— Lol, nah

— I understand your point but I think there are still many things in C++ which could have an modern overhault

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— Sure you are right I for example would hate It if they would add Garbage Collection or Reflection